I started to do some sort of poll or questionnaire regarding the blog, asking "What would you like to hear about from me on the blog?" and then I thought better of it. You see, I don't know shit about fashion or beauty. Can you even believe at some point I sold LuLaRoe clothing!? What was I thinking!? I'm not really sure. Unless pony tails, mascara and chap stick made up face and leggings for days (or in my case, years) means fashion for you, I can't help you. 

I know mamahood and mothering boys. I know toddlers and middle schoolers. I know changing your mind 5 million times because you keeping thinking of better ideas. I know baseball, college football and attempting to clean a dirty but decluttered home. I know about stretching that time in between hair appts to the maximum capacity simply because I refuse to make the time. I know how to attempt organizing our chaos and building a budget. I know breastfeeding basics, benefits of baby wearing, co sleeping and mothering your own way! I know my limits, as a mother and try not to stray to far past them. I am not an expert at anything, I am simply a mom. I can't tell you to listen to me, sometimes you probably shouldn't. I am not a writer, really. Sometimes my grammer sucks. My post are not primed and polished. I just enjoy typing out ideas that pop my head (literally!) and hearing "I love your blog! You say things that no one else will say. I can totally relate to you!" It makes my insecurities go away (well, sort of), and us mamas know, that is golden in this season of life.

I just hope to be able to inspire you to be the best mom you can be. I hope I can empower you to make your own decisions, for yourself and for your family. I hope to cultivate new and old relationships. I hope to be the catalyst for you to evolve and turn into the best version of you. Because love muffin, there is only one you

Live your life of motherhood unapologetically.