"I don't know how y'all do it!"

We have been asked this question several times. Every time we answer with... “We don’t know how we do it either. We just.... do.”

I have been working on this post for several weeks now. Some days I feel I’ve got it together and some days I don’t. Some days I feel like I’ve got tons of advice and experience, other times I think “who am I to give anyone advice?!” I've sat down and really asked myself, how DO we do it..? What is that secret formula that we possess 75% of the time, because the other 25% we are losing it. I kept coming up short. No answer sounded good enough, sounded right... and then it came to me.

Want to know how we do it? How we survive the sleepless nights? Having a very active middle school-er, 2 rambunctious toddler AND a newborn? AND have let our caseworker know that we are ready for another placement? all while maintaining a home and jobs?

We wing it. Everyday. We wing it. 

That’s our secret. 

We give ourselves room for meltdowns (child and parent), we give ourselves room for mistakes and to grow. We give ourselves grace and promises to do better tomorrow. We work together, as a team. Not one parent does more than the other. We attempt to stay as organized as possible and always on the same page. 
However, there are a few tangible objects that help us manage this chaos.....

My Life Planner

Seriously, this thing is my saving grace. I have finally broken down and purchased an hourly planner because all of our craziness is appointments and time sensitive. I block out our time with colored pencils (adults like to color too!) so I don't overbook and can see, at a glance, how crazy this day is going to be. We block out time for free time. Everyday. We schedule family time, several times a week. There will become a time that I will overbook us again, it will happen. But as stated above, we will push through and do our best and learn from it.

Command station in our kitchen

Its nothing fancy at all, just a huge dry erase board and a dry erase calendar. The dry erase board is our catch all. Grocery list, meal plan and daily/weekly reminders. The calendar has monthly info like field trips, practices and weekly family outings. 

We attempt meal planning but I pretty much suck at it. We wing it. I attempt to get all of my home duties done in between all life's little events (Vacuuming, dusting, laundry, bills etc). We prep every night for the next morning; lunches, clothes laid out, coffee made and bags packed. We attempt to do some laundry every day but always go to bed with a clean kitchen. My kitchen table is a catch all for all the things that come out of my van, but it is quickly cleaned off and things in their place. All littles have their scheduled bath times (morning or evening) and we attempt teeth brushing daily. Don't judge me. 

So, yeah. Moral of this story, we wing it. Life, events, dinner... Everything. We work together and we have fun. 

You can too.
Life, is an adventure.

As always, thank you for reading, friend!

~Mika Beggs

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