Foster care is an inconvenience.

While I was laying in bed with my 18 month old while he breastfed, the 3 year old was pacing the floor and our newborn foster babe screeching in my husbands arms I realized, foster care is an inconvenience. 

And as people, we rarely like to be inconvenienced. 

You never know when you are going to get called to duty and you always will have plans to cancel. Baseball games or date night will be missed due to new placements, sleep will be a thing of the past because these children are in brand new places and scared out of their mind. They will need reassurance, especially at 3 am. Caseworkers will call, stop by and need documents sealed, signed and delivered. Visitation with biological parents will occur with no regards to your schedule. False information about the child placed in your care will be given, hopefully unintentionally. It's a HUGE inconvenience. 

But guess what I'm going to say? 
It's worth it. So far, it's worth it. Any love and safe haven we can give a child is worth every tear, every heart break and every inconvenience. 
This newborn baby, that has thrown us for a loop, needs love, skin to skin and a bond that our family can give, for however long it's needed. 
Today, we are family.
 Today, it is worth it. 

Thank you for reading, friends!
~Mika Beggs