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If you can't tell by now, I am a very inconsistent blogger. I feel as though I need to have something really good to say before I can write, but then the mood strikes and the kids don't get that same memo. I am unable to sit down without kids crawling on my head and then the mood is gone. Obviously. :Insert eye rolling emoji: However, I have lots of random stuff to say and a lot of thoughts to process so that's what this is going to be now. A true blog about our adventures as a family and our journey into foster care with kids in tow. I hope you enjoy, can laugh along with us and even shed a tear or two... because I am sure its coming.

Random #1:
Why I love social media. I am an introvert. I enjoy being at home with my front door open so I can see the sun. But don't take that as an invitation to stop by because unannounced visitors make my skin crawl. Well, not that dramatic but I don't have a good surprise face so you can read my feelings on any subject matter if you watch me closely. Maybe I shouldn't have just said that. Whoops. Oh well. Anyways, I enjoy being at home with my family in every sense. That is when I feel the most comfortable and can breath easy, when we are ALL together. I don't fancy going out to dinners, shopping or clubbing... I don't fancy the grocery store or group vacations with a bunch of people. Just me and the boys. Social media allows me to be open, honest and friends with a ton of people right from the comfort of my own phone. :) If I don't feel friendly, I don't have to even open my phone. If I need some encouragement, I know where to go. I am pretty sure I am much cooler online anyways so thank you, for being my online friend!

Random #2:
I LOVE my Erin Condren life planner. Please go check them out if you are a busy mom bee and like to write shit down. Seriously. Don't let the price scare you. I carry it everywhere with me, I write down everything and it keeps all my thoughts, to dos, appts, cleaning schedule, meal planning, practices, work schedule, passwords etc in one place. Its seriously a life saver. Here is my referral code for $10 off your first purchase HERE! (Pictures and blog post coming soon)

Random #3:
I finally made a command center in our kitchen. I bought a HUGE dry erase board to convert into a calendar but then I realized that I really do not trust myself to do that with permanent marker and we had one on the fridge anyways so we just dusted that one off! The dry erase board is for a quick jot down of our family to dos, grocery list, notes and reminders. We also have our meal planning dry erase board to the right so Ayden always knows what's for supper. (He is his papas grandson!) We have a cork board on the other wall in the kitchen for all school reminder for Ayden too. (Blog post and pictures coming soon)

Random #4:
We finally finished the boys play room. We have been talking about making them a playroom for years but we finally executed that plan after we closed the LuLaRoe chapter.. It's so fun and the boys love it! Detailed blog post and pictures coming soon!

Foster Care: Our journey so far.

I intended to update on this subject several times by now but the words seem to fail me and I cant figure out exactly what I want to write. So here it is, in its jumbled up glory.... Privacy is a huge thing in foster care, for obvious reasons. I have gone back and forth on being so open about our foster care journey because of that reason. You know our names, most know where we live and here I am posting all pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Is this really for the best? Is this going to cause issues to arise in the future? I have come to the conclusion that... we will take it one day at a time. We can not disclose children's identities, why they are in foster care, any information about the parents or their issues. We will not include any of that information at anytime, so please do not ask. What we can and will tell you is how we feel about he entire process. We will give you the ups and downs of foster care and how it is effecting us as parents, adults and as a family. We will tell you how it is effecting our kids. We will be open and honest. That's the whole point of this whole blog and my presence on social media... is to spread awareness about breastfeeding, baby wearing and foster care. To build a village of moms who just get it, who feel lost sometimes and need a break and to know that we aren't alone. We are never alone. This blog may not be for everyone, I'm not even a good writer but I am honest and I have things to say. The point of this blog is to document this journey for us and for you. Maybe we can reach a few hearts that feel like maybe they should be on this journey as well. Maybe we can give you some insight on how to help local foster families, if you can not become one.

So, our journey so far into foster care has been quite uneventful. The steps you have to take (which we have completed) are...
  • Contacted DFACS/Caseworker and filled out our application of intent (to become foster parents)
  • Initial online orientation to explain the basics
  • CPR certified.
  • General physical with drug screen and TB test
  • Copies of all important documents (birth certificates, car insurance, marriage certificate, pay stubs to prove you can pay for your life basically, immunization records..)
  • Proof that Darla the English bulldog has her rabies vaccine
  • Filled out the mountain of paper work from DFACS about our family, character references, childhood, parenting style etc
  • Completed the foster care classes (IMPACT) which was 5 classes over the course of 2.5 weeks.
  • Home study (Which is scheduled for 7/6/17) That is where the caseworker will come into our home and talk with us. She will ask us our parenting styles, interview the kids, make sure we actually have open beds and dresser draws for the approved number of kids we intend to take etc. She will take all of our completed paperwork along with her notes of our home study and submit them to the county director for approval. We could be approved by end of July yall.
How do I feel about all of that? Excited and terrified. Im excited that we are listening to our calling and heading into this journey. I am excited that we are almost there and we finished in a timely fashion. I am excited for the change this is going to mean for our family. I am terrified because it is happening. I am terrified because what if I cant do this? What if we get in over our heads? What if we learn something our hearts can not handle? What if What if What if What if......

I don't know why I keep saying this... "I am not a religious person" but I believe that He brought us to do this and He will provide. I didn't even realize that you were supposed to capitalize the H in He until recently. Bless my heart. But it has been shown to us already that things are falling into place seamlessly for this journey. I do believe I can handle this and because I believe that I know that the kids can too. I know our family can. I know that selfishly, we are doing this for our kids too. To help us grow as people, citizens, humans... to learn compassion and life lessons. We can do this as a family. Its going to be hard, really hard. We are going to have our hearts broken, we are going to cry and we are going to have meltdowns. All of us. But we can handle this, as a family. We will learn to grow, as a family. We will take each child, each YES!, and know we are embarking on a brand new adventure each time and making memories and learning lessons that will last a lifetime. We will welcome each child into our home and our hearts and not hold back. We will treat them and love them like our own until its time for them to return to their family and we will hope and pray that we made a positive impact on that child and their family that will last forever. #Thatisfostercare

We are doing this. We are becoming a foster family. Together, as a family. I hope you will follow along side us in this journey and throw words of encouragement our way any chance you get, consider it you doing your part in helping this broken system.

Thank you for reading, friend!
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~Mika Beggs