Organizer of Chaos: How I plan our life with my EC Lifeplanner.

I love colorful things. I always have since being introduced to Lisa Frank when I was around 8 years old. I have attempted to use planners in the past but life just wasn't that busy. I started thinking when I was near the end of my pregnancy with Bear that maybe, just maybe, life would be a tad crazy enough to attempt using a planner again. (If you are chuckling to yourself right now, you aren't the only one.)

I first though about all the stuff that I needed to remember... birth days, anniversaries, school functions, work and foster care meetings, baseball practices... just to name a few. Then I thought a little further... meal planning, grocery list, cleaning schedule, vacation spots, finances/budgets, goals for the coming year... Man, Ive got a lot to write down in my planner

 The price is totally justifiable. To use it to its full capability, I have crammed all these things into my trusty EC LifePlanner. I have stickers and colorful pens to help decorate it so that even my cleaning schedule looks fun!

With the EC Lifeplanner, the front and back covers are interchangeable. If your like me, you will want to change them with your mood, which is several times a day. Not really. But kind of. They come with functioning stickers, a few note and grid pages, coloring pages, folders, dry erase area on the front and back cover. You can choose between an hourly, horizontal or vertical layout. As you can see, I choose the vertical layout. It took me a while to decide what would go in each box... I went from my breastfeeding Job, LuLaRoe, Family.... to breastfeeding Job, to dos, family and then finally settled in on Morning, Afternoon and Evening (As you can see). It works for me. I tend to write everything down in pencil or on a post it note and then pen it in closer to time along with slapping a few stickers on there to make it pretty. TA DAH!
Tiny snap in insert of post its :)

Purple pocket for notes.

Coloring pages!

Functional stickers and inspirational quotes throughout the planner. 

Functional stickers

Cleaning schedule: If I give my self daily to dos (besides the norm) when it comes to cleaning, I won't do them. Some days I just feel lazy and others I want to clean the entire house. So I made a pretty and colorful cleaning schedule that is straight to the point. Easy peasy.

Camping/Hiking list: As you know, we love to go exploring but there is nothing worse than getting there and realizing you forgot the baby carrier. #ParentFail so this is where this camping/hiking packing list spread comes from. Its fun to look at too :)

Not shown: I have our monthly bills + income on another note page and my personal and work passwords on another.

Goals: We have decided that every year we are going to take a vacation. I know to some that's like, DUH, but to us its a huge deal. We have our vacation spots planned out (in our head) and soon on paper along with when we need to book rentals and start saving.


As you can see, I love my planner. It helps me stay organized, its fun to look at and planning is therapeutic. It so easy to make it your own by customizing it on their website and then making it work for you and your family. Ive seen some note pages with drawings of a book shelf and all the titles of the books they intend to read are written on there. The idea are endless. Check Pinterest!

**I also have this notebook that I purchased from Erin Condren for my breastfeeding counselor notes (research, class info etc) and for our foster care notes (caseworker names and phone numbers etc). To help keep it separate they have these dividers that you can customize! How cool is that!?

The Breastfeeding divider is a snap in add on.

Sticky pop in folder (Follow your bliss)

The Be Brave is a snap in divider!

Yes, that is a tiny insert of post its :) attached to the back cover that also is dry erase. 

In a nutshell, the reasons I plan is.... clear my head of all the mom things have an overview of all my task, events, appointments and goals be more productive and actually get stuff done

and because I love stationary and colorful pretties.

Click HERE to go to the website, make your own account and get $10 off your first purchase. You will NOT regret it! 
(This is NOT a sponsored post by EC. I just love my planner that much.)