Rise of the Guardians: Mr Beggs talk.

So as we have mentioned, Mika and I are about to embark on a new adventure. Yea I was skeptical, if not damn near defiant in my stance initially. Lets face it, people that know us well enough understand we have 5 children all together. Is that not enough? I am asked frequently. Well, in-between the "you crazy as hell" and "What the heck for??"

 Fostering children is not for everyone. Not even most people. It is an ongoing saga, draped in melancholy, promising heartbreak. With sadness inevitable, why even tempt it? Here is the focal point you must maintain within your scope of reason. You must get by your ownself, and realize that this is not meant for you. It is for the children. For their safety and well-being. To provide for these kids in their greatest time of need. When the worst case scenario unfolds for them, you have to be the safe place they go to. Six days, months , years. Whatever it takes to get some type of normalcy back in their lives. Whether it be re-unification with the parents, or finding them a caring,  forever home outside of the biological realm.

 So I suppose now is the time to get the Mans perspective. Why dad wants to commit, or more to the point, me. This is my reasoning as follows....
Being a Freemason in the state of Georgia (Past Master 2014) affords me many an opportunity to be charitable, or participate in such. The main focal point of our charitable efforts is The Childrens Home in Macon, GA. The home has been in operation for many years, and is supported by every Masonic Lodge in the state of Georgia. At any given time of the year, there can be between 20-40 kids there. All ages, race, sex etc. Point being, I am no stranger to the dire need of foster/adoptive parents. So after much debating on why I thought we were unable to do this in our own home, I had an epiphany. Seeing the light within my own children, It became clear. As a parent I had assumed the mantle of protector, not from bugs, high falls, or the dog. I was the protector of the last pure substance on this planet. Something so pure, and clean that Heaven itself crafted it by hand.
 A child's innocence. It is the last perfect thing left on earth. It has yet to be tainted by the trappings of this profane world. Sure growing up is a guarantee of losing that. It should come... in due time. The wonder and sparkle found in a childs eyes is the root of all happiness, not knowing how cruel and ugly this world really is, having not to deal with ugly, stress, and all things adult. However, bad things happen to good people. Or children. Mom and dad decide to beat on each other, or worse, turn their bad intentions onto the kids. Drugs, violence , malice of many flavors visits their front door.
 So it has become my intention to start doing my part. Start walking the talk. Fly to the aid of these poor souls who have befallen on hard times not of their own doing. Try and give them some ray of hope. A kind hand to wipe a tear, not cause it. A set of arms to hug and embrace, not to run away from. To build a home that stands for comfort and safety, not a war zone.

 I have vowed to protect these children from all enemies. Foreign and domestic. I am using all my God given abilities as a parent,  to partner with my significant other to do just this: be a Guardian.