Rise of the Guardians: A foster family in the making.

Rise of the guardians

 The Beggs Bunch: A foster family in the making.

Our decision to foster: Why. 

Fostering children is something that we had never talked about before or during our early days of marriage. I am sure we've crossed paths with foster parents and children during our many adventures but it did not have a constant place in our lives. I honestly am not sure what made me think about it a few years ago. Maybe it was the "Foster homes needed!" signs I saw spread out in our little town or maybe something else entirely, but when I brought it to Bjs attention, he was not game. Not even a little bit. It took me days to get him to even agree to an orientation because he had many questions and concerns that I simply could not answer for him.... then we found out we were pregnant with Bear. To the back burner it went. (Spring 2015)

I do remember what sparked it this time though. I came into contact with a local foster mom by complete chance one day in February. She told me she was a foster mom and out came all my questions. She was so very sweet and open with me. I sat and listened to her rave about her experiences, good and bad, with a light in her eyes that was so inspiring. She then said the one thing that has bounced around in my head ever since.... "so many people say they could never do this. It would break their heart, but you know what? It isn't about me. It's about those children." And you know what? She is right. It's not about us. We are adults. They are children. We choose to become foster parents. They do not choose to become foster children. Orphans. They do not choose nor should they have to shoulder the burden they are forced to carry. But we can help. We can shoulder that burden for them. We are able. We are willing.

I am a firm believer in that things happen for a reason. We may not agree with that reason or even understand it, but I do believe it to be true. I believe that we all come to many many cross roads in our lives and the path we choose to take is our choice to make... I am a dreamer, if you haven't noticed. I come up with the craziest ideas and adventures and drag my family along for the ride. If you haven't noticed, my husband is a dreamer as well. These things alone should not surprise you in our decision to become a foster family.

What I hope... is that this journey will strengthen my compassion, my legacy as a mother and as a functioning human in our society, our community. I hope that it will restore my faith in God, because it has wavered a lot over the years and I think I may need Him. I hope that this will also instill compassion in our children. They will be exposed to these situations in their life and I want to be able to be there to walk them through the emotions and situations that we will encounter. I hope that it will strengthen their bond and let them learn to open their hearts anyways, even if they know the outcome. To love. Always to love. For my husband, just to see him show another child love, affection, how to play, to be silly and patient is pure joy in itself. He will have to tell you all what he wants out of this journey (His take on our foster journey below)

Will it be hard? Absolutely. 

Will I know how we will all react to this new journey of ours? I sure do not, but I know that we are walking into this journey as a family. To be able to help a child, a family in need will be worth every stress, every tear, every heart break.

Will it be worth it? Abso-FREAKIN-lutely.  

Thank you for reading! We hope to post often about our journey in becoming a foster family and then the adventure itself, as much as we are allowed. We hope to raise awareness and give you a bit of a window inside this epidemic that we don't hear about often. Feel free to follow the blog itself and our Instagram for more about our foster care journey!