I have sucked at motherhood....

by hustlin the wrong passion. 

I have steered too far off the beaten path of home cooked meals, checked homework and brushed teeth. I have, instead, picked up my phone too much, said "yeah, okay. Uh huh." and missed too many smiles. I haven't read a book for pure enjoyment in months nor have I actually watched, I mean really watched a Netflix series that BJ and I have picked out together. Maybe I have sucked at more than just motherhood. shit.

But today, TODAY, is a day of self realization of my suckiness and a day of change. The produce isle at Walmart better watch out, because this mama is coming back. My Pinterest boards are about to get some love and my recipe book will have some dust blown off of it. Errr, well. First on the grocery list... a recipe book. 

Ill go steal some paper from Aydens homework book and maybe even check it while I'm in there. #Score. #Winning


Teaching Lane said...

You, my dear, are doing a phenomenal job raising those sweet boys!