One of my favorite pictures of these two! Spring 2015

Thursday July 13, 2006

I was 21 years old and 36 weeks pregnant when my water broke with Ayden. We hadn't even had our appt with the OB yet, you know the one where you get the information on how to register at the hospital, what to do if you think your in labor, what to pack your hospital bag. Yeah that one. We hadn't had it yet. That was on monday. Today was Thursday. 

I had not done any research. No reading, no friendly discussions about how this was going to go… I was clueless and terrified. I remember we had tacos for dinner that night, labor inducer?! Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. At that point we were sleeping in the living room because my big swollen self couldn't sleep comfortable in our little full size bed. We had a sofa that BJ slept on and I slept on our futon. Much more comfortable.

I remember waking up thinking I had peed on myself. (I swear I don't make a habit of that!) I ran to the bathroom, did my business, and came back to bed. (It was around 1 am) When I laid down it happened again. I remember laying there thinking "well this is different." I remember pushing, but not pushing when your trying to pee, just pushing and out came more water. WTF? I woke BJ up and said "I think I'm peeing on myself but Im not sure." After much speculation we realized that my water had broke. 

WHAT?! What do I do now?!

We called his mother. She said to call the Doctor. oh! duh! So we called the doctor and he said to go on in. 

"Go on in where!?" I said.

"The Hospital, honey" BJ said

"But Im not ready!" said this slightly freaked out mama to be.

"Well, he is."


And there we went. Going 80 miles per hour (We didn't see 1 cop) down Hwy 29, through Athens Georgia at 2am.

I was 4 weeks early to the day. I wasn't ready. We weren't ready. We didn't even have the carseat installed yet and again, I didn't even have my bags packed. Of course, I still didn't pack them, we just left. Left everything the way it was, even my poor dog Joey didn't know what the hell was going on. 

So we go into the ER to register before we are taken to our spacious birthing room. One of the things BJ and I laugh about often is our little ER story. While we were sitting in the ER waiting to finish registering there was a group of very intoxicated college "ladies". They were there with a fellow classmate that had apparently ran into a pole or the concrete and busted her forehead open. You can imagine the dramatics and valley girl voices that sound so much worse when they are drunk (and you are sober), trying to console their bleeding friend that.. "no, its totally not that bad and won't even leave a scar, like." ::insert eye roll from this pregnant 21 year old::

We finally get wheeled to a birthing room, all questions asked and answered, gown finally assembled (that thing about kicked my butt) IV placed, pitocin started and was checked at only about 2cm dilated. 

Now to wait, of course after I jumped at the chance of the epidural.

There was so many people in and out of our room through out the day. All my friends were there, Bjs friends and family. Mom and I laugh at the story now that when they got the call from me that I was in labor mom jumped up and said "We gotta go!!" She said dad was trying to take his time and drink his coffee and mom made him hurry and get to the hospital well before daylight. He had enough time to go back home, drink his coffee, go to work and come back to the hospital before Ayden was born. We were such newbies at this labor thing!

Then finally, at around 7pm we were ready to push. Around 17.5 hours of labor and just a few minutes of pushing Ayden Michael was born at 7:41pm.


Tuesday October 22, 2013

I remember thinking throughout this whole pregnancy that I wouldn't not make it to 40 weeks. Hell, I wouldn't even make it to 37. I just knew that I would go early, like I had with Ayden. I was prepared. So you can imagine my surprise when I was still very pregnant at 38 weeks and 6 days. I woke up that morning (pissed off at the world) got ready for work and went on in. I was done trying to decipher my symptoms, it was exhausting. At around 10am that morning my water broke.


I gathered all my things from work, called BJ to tell him to head to the house, clocked out and went home. The funniest thing was that this man had been through 3 births already and he comes flying in the driveway, runs into the house, grabs are stuff and runs back to the car ready to leave. Im still standing on the back porch talking to the nurse at our OB office and trying to get our bulldog to get off the porch and go pee. I was cool, calm and collected. BJ was not. After I assured him I was good, no contractions, give me a minute to breath and we will head out…. we finally headed out.

This time we didn't go 80mph. We did 60. No big deal. We didn't talk much just kind of set back and enjoyed the car ride. I got some last minute advice from my pregnancy guru of a friend and we went on in. After registering and getting to our room, the IV with Pitocin (to regulate my contractions since my water had already broke) was in place and now we were to wait. I knew I wanted to labor as long as I could before I got the epidural. When we got to the hospital I was a 3, I made it to 6 before I asked for the epidural. I remember walking around and rocking in the rocking chair to make it through each contraction. The nurse came in and said if I was interested in the epidural to let her know because the anesthesiologist was going to be away for a bit. I didn't want to miss my window of opportunity so I jumped on it!

At around 6 that evening my OB said that it should be long before we would have a baby. By 8, still no baby. After much speculation we realize that when my water broke the tear in the sac was at the top, not the bottom like normal, so once he fully broke my water labor progressed rapidly and at 10pm on October 22nd 2013, baby Ramsey Delano was born.

I remember Ayden was asleep on the couch, mom and BJ were at my head and the Auburn vs Texas A&M game from the previous Saturday was playing on the TV in front of me when Ramsey was born. After he came out and he was on my chest, Dr Sepesi went over the Ayden, woke him up and said "You want to come meet your little brother?" Ayden grunted and rolled back over! He was not interested at that time. He did finally come meet him on his way out the door to go home with nanny.

... and there I was. Mother of 2 boys...

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~Mika Beggs