Bear's Birth Story {and why we named him Bear}

As I sit here drinking my coffee, relishing in the silence as both little boys sleep, I relive my birth story of Mr Bear Avery. I love the whole labor and birthing process, no matter how its done. Its exciting to see how and when you are going to go into labor, what to pack, when to leave... or maybe you already have your day planned and you show up at the hospital after saying goodbye to your house as a family of 2+, knowing you will return a family of 3+. No matter how your birth story started or ended, its yours to own and cherish.

My last appointment with my awesome OB, was on Tuesday 2/16/16 at 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant, to talk about induction. I opt out of getting my cervix checked that day because I had not progressed any the last few checks and frankly, it was too damn uncomfortable and I didn't want to leave knowing I still hadn't progressed any. I know it doesn't mean anything and labor could start anytime but let me explain something to ya... when you are almost 40 weeks pregnant you try EVERYTHING you can think of to jump start labor. Whether its sex, eating a certain food, walking, bouncing on an exercise ball or merely praying.. that child will NOT come until he or she is ready. Point blank. No ifs, and or buts.  Trying to jump start labor just gives us pregnant, hormonal, miserable ladies something to do while we wait on these little stubborn babies to make their grand entrance.  Or thats my two cents at least.

Anyways, We had discussed induction at that time and decided to schedule it for Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016. Check in time, 6am.

(...and now Bear is up for his 500th nursing sesh today. Yay for multitasking)

I woke up Wednesday morning, February 17th 2016 (my due date) feeling the same as I had everyday for the last 3 weeks. Over it. This was the most pregnant I had ever been. Ayden was born at 36 weeks and Ramsey at 38 weeks and 6 days. I would have told you that you were crazy had you said I would go to my due date.  I had been having cramps on and off since the day before but it really wasn't anything new. Ramsey and I played around a little bit that morning, had our daily nap and ate some lunch. Around 1pm I started noticing the cramping was consistent and had the wave-like effect. (The contractions come on like a wave either starting in your back and wrapping around the pelvis or the other way around. They feel like a really tight, painful band around your stomach/back area and then fade off) I then started timing them on an app I had downloaded on my phone. I texted BJ and my mom and told them I was having them but nothing consistent so not to make any moves yet. They were getting more intense but stayed around 4-8 minutes apart.  I called the OBs office around 3 and I was told to wait until they were 2-3 minutes apart before I made any moves...well crap. I was texting with a wise ol friend the whole time that was helping me through these and assuring me that they were real, that they weren't going away and I totally had this. My bright and shining Doula by text! (Thanks Wendy!) Mom and Bj got home around 5 and they were still about 4-7 minutes apart and uncomfortable. Every contraction was more intense, making me stop what I was doing and breath. We decided, around 6pm, to head to Athens, since mom was there with the boys, and walk around somewhere (Target, the mall, Downtown) and see if we could get things moving. I was absolutely terrified that they were going to fizzle away or send me home from the hospital, though BJ laughed at me every time I said that because lets face it, he was watching my reaction to each contraction. We did plan to stay in a hotel in Athens if needs be because those contractions had to be doing something down there, right!?

I got in touch with my OB on our way to just let him know about the contractions and that we were heading that way anyways so I asked if he wanted me to come to the hospital to be checked or go walk around for a while. Thankfully, he said come on in because those contractions were getting harder and harder to breath through. Bj commented that they were exactly 5 minutes apart shortly after that phone call and he wasn't kidding... right on the dot. I remember watching the clock... 





I made him stop at McDonalds to grab him some dinner (and I had to pee). He was reluctant but I told him that once we were at the hospital he was not leaving me so he might as well stop and get food now. We timed the stop in between contractions so I made it to the bathroom and back to the car before the next wave hit. SCORE!

We arrived at the hospital around 7:15. Between this time and 9pm a lot happened. We attempted to get to the ER entrance contraction free, did not succeed. We waited to register, another contraction, we were in the middle of registering, another contraction, wheeled to L&D, another contraction and then another... Once we were in the room, changed and meeting our nurse, the contractions continued to intensify. Our AWESOME nurse, Kimberly, checked me and said I was at 6cm and almost fully effaced. (Cervix thinned out) I couldn't take the pain anymore.  The contractions were so painful, I was getting nauseated and started shaking during and after each one. Curse words were starting to come out of my mouth in a very religious hospital.... So yeah, after a bag of fluids and the labs needed, I got the epidural. Thank you Jesus for that. Things seemed to calm down from there. I could still feel the contractions on my right side (and move that leg) so I turned on my right side and let gravity do the trick. Viola! Totes numb.  Double Score!

From about 9-12:30 we just rested, talked about life and was monitored. Everything seemed to be going along nicely. The OB broke my water around 10 and said that if I didn't progress nicely we may start Pitocin. I begged them not to, or to hold off, for many reasons but Pitocin seems to make me vomit and I really didn't have the energy for that... though apparently I did because I did get sick shortly after which I assume was my body going through the transition between 7-10cm.  I was fully dilated at 1130 (without the pit, YAY!) but the nurse said my cervix had an Anterior Cervical lip, which is where the cervix is about 95% effaced but there is that 5% left to go on a certain side (or thats how I understood it)... they offered me to push or wait it out and we decided to wait it out due to risk of damaging the cervix. So I sat up in the bed and again, let gravity do its thing and at 12:30 everyone came back in to deliver our baby. After a few pushes, at 12:53am on February 18th, 2016, Bear Avery Beggs came into our lives. Dr Sepesi announced the sex of the baby by saying "Bj man, you can't make anything but boys"! I laughed and said "We have a BEAR!!!"

The only two things on my birth plan was delayed cord clamping and immediate skin to skin for as long as possible.  When he came out he barely cried. The nurse placed him on my chest and began to wipe him off but said "We need you to cry a little more buddy" and I heard someone say that he had swallowed a bit of mucous and meconium on his way out of the birth canal. I told her to take him and make him cry, and boy did she. He was cleared to come back to me within 10 minutes! 

Being at the hospital was nice. Yes, I said it.. it was nice. I ordered food, they brought it to me. BJ and I watched Friends via Netflix on the computer the entire time, without much interuption. It was quiet. It was my time to recoup before getting thrown into the wild.

Now, onto the question I am sure most of you are wanting to know... Why did we name him Bear?!

Well short hand, because we wanted too.

Long story: When Ramsey was born we called him Ramsey bear. BJ and I talked about how cute it would be to have named him Bear, though I wouldn't have been brave enough to do so at that time. We said if we were to get pregnant again and have a boy, we should totally name him Bear! Well, what would ya know... BAM! Bj was all about it, I was a little apprehensive. Its not a normal name, though I am sure everyone has heard of a few Bears's. We had decided not to tell anyone our picked names because frankly, people can be very judgmental, especially about something that does not concern or effect them and I didn't want to deal with those initial comments and looks. I figured announcing it on social media first will let everyone get use to it before they see us so hopefully we don't have to deal with those. We decided on the first name as Bear because that is what he is going to be called. No confusion. Simple as that.

So meet Mr Bear Avery Beggs, the last and final Beggs brother. Its kind of sad for me, closing this chapter of our life because all my pregnancies and births have been amazing experiences. (This last pregnancy was a little more difficult/uncomfortable) Its kind of hard to accept that we are done making and birthing beautiful Beggs boys (All 5 are handsome and exceptional!) but we are excited to see what this new chapter holds with our 3 boys, in our tiny cottage, that I now run full time. 

...More on the stay at home mom gig at a later date. 

Happy one week old baby Bear!!!

Oh and for anyone wondering, Avery Lynn was our picked girl name. 

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~Mika Beggs