Whats in our hospital bag.. {Almost 36 weeks!}

Well I said I would make a blog post about whats in my hospital bag and so I am trying to stick to that. Some may not care and if I wasn't pregnant, I probably wouldn't either. However, If I would have had this blog when I was pregnant with Ramsey I would have posted one and it would have been really neat to look back and see what I actually took and what I was thinking. So yeah, here is what I am planning to take with us to the hospital when that time comes....
Just a quick list of what I am taking for me.... 
  • Pillow and favorite soft blanket (The Clemson one, DUH!)
  • Breastfeeding friendly Pjs (with nursing tank) 3 pairs
  • Nursing bra/Undies and slip resistant fuzzy socks (or house shoes)
  • Coming home outfit for myself which will consist of maternity yoga pants, comfy t shirt, hoodie and UGGs. 
  • Computer/Charger, Nook/Charger, Camera/Charger, iPhone/Charger (I don't remember really needing the computer or Nook last time but I think those, coupled with a few movies, will keep the kids entertained for when they come visit if needed.)
  • Quarters and dollars for vending machines if needed. 
  • Waters and snacks just in case (Breakfast bars etc)
  • Toiletries: Deodorant, Shampoo, Conditioner, Brush, Hair dryers, straightener, face wash and lotion, light makeup, body lotion, chapstick, bath towel and plastic bag for soiled laundry... I didn't think I would need it when I had Ramsey but being able to take a shower and blow dry your hair, apply a little mascara did wonders for me after he was born.
  • Nursing pads, nipple cream and Boppy for nursing 
Thankfully I only need to pack a bag for the boys if my water breaks and we have to head to the hospital in the middle of the night. As long as we don't forget them I think well be okay. ;)

Now to the fun part... the baby bag. This is the one thats a little more different to pack because we don't know the sex so we have double the amount of clothes. We don't normally take diapers, wipes, cream or powder because they will supply that in the hospitals. What we do take is swaddle blankets, a few outfits (for pictures!), mittens for their little hands and socks for their little feet. Here are a few pics I took this afternoon of the cute little outfits because as you know either the little boy stuff or little girl stuff will have to go back to the store in exchange for diapers!

This will be the coming home outfit IF she is a SHE. 

This will be the coming home outfit IF he is a HE. (Though we will totally keep this cute little sweater one piece if its a girl because its way too cute and gender neutral.)

Our newest little boys outfit that says "Lil Mister" <3 i="">

 Our little girls Owl sleeper 

 My favorite, simple little girl sleepers. 

 The Clemson hat and Alabama socks "nanny" got him/her for Christmas. 
(...and Yes BJ and I are speaking again since the game on Monday 1/11/16)

And you may have noticed the cute little hats in the pictures above that I had made for him/her. On the other side of them are their names stitched on the front. Yes we have the names picked out and no we aren't telling. Just a secretive little bunch we are huh? 

(and no I don't know exactly what we are going to do with the one not needed, hopefully Ill have a "friend" I can send it too!)

Since we have brought all of our stuff down from the attic over the last few weeks and getting everything ready, its amazing how many boy things are actually gender neutral. I would have to say, obviously, if its a boy we are set. If its a girl, I would love some pink/purple outfits because well, its girly but we have a ton of clothes that she could wear that would be perfect. 

The more I think about it and the closer we get I am getting so anxious to meet this little one. The newborn snuggles, cuddles and love.... Just makes my heart melt thinking about it. 

...and last but not least this beauty will be going with us to the hospital because you know... 
Shit just got real. 

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~Mika Beggs

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