Pregnancy: The Ugly {34 week bump date}

How far along?
34 weeks today.

Total weight:


Some nights are better than others. I finally took the plunge and got a cortisone injection in my right wrist for the carpal tunnel I have during pregnancy, and that has helped a ton. My carpal tunnel isn't just fingers numb, its pain to the elbow and into the shoulder, mainly at night. It take forever for it to subside once it starts but the cortisone injection helped so much when I was pregnant with Ramsey so I was quick to jump on that this time around. Score. 

Between heart burn and restless knees and hips, Im lucky to find the perfect position at night. Usually, once I have, I have to pee.  Its FANtastic. 

Best moment this week:

Sleeping so good Monday night after figuring out that I just can not sleep on my right side but if I turn to my left, hug my body pillow like there is no tomorrow and stuff a blanket behind my back.... heaven. (But only on Mondays apparently, it didn't work Tuesday.)

Miss Anything:
Sleeping on my stomach. Hell, sleeping, period. Not peeing when I cough. Being able to touch my toes or dry off after the shower without being completely out of breath.  

A ton of mini jabs. Who am I kidding, I feel like there is a boxer in there!

Food cravings:

Food. DUH!

Gender prediction:
"I am still thinking girl and BJ still thinks boy. But again, I thought Ramsey and Ayden were girls so my track record sucks. " is what I have been saying but honestly, I have no flipping idea. The idea of a little girl is new, refreshing and kind of exciting but when I think about having another little boy, another mamas boy, I get butterflies. Thats whats so awesome about being on Team Green. :) 

 Labor Signs:
A ton of Braxton Hicks contractions and some mild contractions (False labor) I do not remember experiencing these with Ayden or Ramsey so this is new to me. I got real nervous this past Sunday because he/she was super active and causing all sorts of tugs, pulls, contractions and soreness... I thought it may possibly be labor, way way too early labor. Thankfully, it subsided. 

Happy or Moody most of the time:
Ha. I am not going to answer this one. My husband wouldn't either.  Trust me. 

Weekly Wisdom:

Panty Liners.

A 34 week update!

Anything Extra?

I am almost there. Honestly, I can't believe it. The time as flown, like I knew it would. 

Bj told me this morning I needed to write a blog piece about all the ugly parts of pregnancy after the baby is born. I thought, why wait? Then the pregnancy amnesia will take place and Ill forget about how bad it sucked! (Disclaimer: I am extremely thankful for this pregnancy and this healthy baby but it doesn't make it any less uncomfortable and you know me.. I am all about making sure moms know they aren't alone in their struggles!)

I am not going to lie, this pregnancy has sucked. It has kicked my butt. It has made me super hormonal, uncomfortable in the worst way (well, there isn't a good way so never mind) unmotivated, tired, sore, irrational, whiny... oh the whining. (Just ask BJ. Never mind, don't.) Medically, its been text book but personally, nope. I am ready to sleep on my stomach again, not have to pee every hour, not buy stock in panty liners and laundry detergent. I am ready to not be swollen EVERYWHERE, to feel like a leg is fixing to fall out of my vajayjay (seriously), to be able to shave my legs and get out of the shower and not have to take deep breaths. I am ready to be able to get on the floor to play and not have to huff and puff to get back up, to be able to walk and not waddle. I am ready to have my body back, to start back jogging. (I am actually very much looking forward to it) I am ready to feel like myself again. Have I mentioned I am ready to sleep again? You may be thinking..Sleep!? With a newborn? YES, sleep, with a newborn. It will be the sweetest sleep because I will be back on my stomach. :) I will enjoy each 30 minute interval that he/she gives me. On my stomach.

Also, some of you may or may not know (some may not care) but we have decided for me to not return back to work full time, starting Jan 29th.  Its something that I would have loved to do when Ramsey was born but just didn't make sense financially. We started working towards this after he was born so once we found out I was pregnant again, we brought it back up. After crunching numbers (a ton of them) we finally decided to take the plunge and try this out. Its scary, its a huge change and I have a little anxiety about it but I know that its worth it and I won't regret it. I am very excited about being able to stay home with both the babies, watch them grow, play and learn. I am excited to be able to be here when Ayden gets home from school, when he is most eager to tell me about his day. I am looking forward to being able to stick to a meal plan and hopefully have the chores for the day done by time BJ gets home from work so we can have family time at night instead of running around trying to get ready for the next day. These may be high expectations and not completely feasible but you know if it isn't, Ill let y'all know! (Maybe Ill do a blog post one day on how we came to the decision, who knows) I will still do "as needed" shifts at the doctors office and am really hoping to get my part time job (2 days a week!) as a breastfeeding counselor sometime this summer so I won't be home 24/7 but its still a change. 
Wish US luck. Wish ME luck. 

Stay tuned for a new post soon about whats in our hospital bag (with cute baby clothes pics!) and a sneak peak at the custom made crochet baby beanies... one pink with baby girls name and one grey with baby boys name. :) 

Next appt is next Thursday, we will have our final ultrasound to take a look at and measure babys heart, since he/she was being stubborn and wouldn't let the tech get a good look at our 20 week ultrasound. 

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~Mika Beggs

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Jennifer said...

Cute post! I'm still excited about Team Green!! So you have names picked out but you aren't sharing?? I'm so happy you are going to be a stay at home mom, you will love that!