We are half way there! {20 week pregnancy update}

First off, let me apologize for my less than stellar blogger schedule which has been non existent since finding out we were pregnant again. I could come up with a few excuses but lets be honest, this pregnancy is kicking my butt. (Which I have told just about everyone in real life that will listen) I was once told by a dear friend that pregnancy hormones could just about get away with murder. They are no joke. My lack of motivation, mood swings, overwhelming feeling, general soreness and mild anxiety are so exhausting that I am ready for February more than you realize. Though I will try to be better about blogging. 

We had our Anatomy scan performed thursday and though we are still team green (YAY!) we have been told that our baby girl/boy is a very healthy one and measuring right on track. Estimated due date still 2/17/2016. The tech had a hard time getting good measurements of his/her heart so per our awesome OB, Dr Sepesi, he said that just gives us an excuse to have another ultrasound at 34 weeks. She, the tech, didn't seem worried and he didn't seem worried so neither are we. 

When I went in for the ultrasound I told the tech that we were not finding out the sex so when it came to measure the legs she told me I may want to turn my head. I laughed and said thanks for the heads up stating "I am not expert, obviously, but I have had 2 boys and I will always assume I see that little turtle of a penis" whether it is there or not. Some of you may not understand (a lot of you at work!) but I would have been very disappointed to know. I can imagine that feeling in the delivery room, between BJ and I, after attempting this med free birth that I so desire… hearing the words together while we are staring at him or her. That experience puts you on cloud nine anyways so saving this moment will make this birth have its own meaning. I need it. I look forward to it. 

So I left there knowing I had a healthy baby with a few ultrasound pics and a disk. Wait, a disk? With the ultrasound video or more still pics? I guess I would have to watch it and find out. So fast forward to today I was curious and frankly, wanted a few better still pics of this particular ultrasound. I put the disk in and started it. I quickly realized that it was a video of the ultrasound. Hmm. Would she have put "Its a boy" or "Its a girl" on the video like they normal do even though we didn't want to know? Would it be obvious if it gets to that part? I started to sweat. I had every intentions of forwarding through the leg shots but I was so caught up in trying to figure out how to get still shots it went straight to the leg shots. "Holy Crap. AHHHHHH!" I said while covering the offending video with my hand. Shit! Did I see something? I saw something. Or I think I did. 
WHY did I do that? 

When BJ got home from the store I confessed what I did. We sat down to watch the video together, intending to fast forward through those shots because I knew when to expect them. Well, the forward button wasn't very fast and we both saw something so we slowed it down and watched the whole thing. Once it was at normal pace, we saw nothing. So guess what? We still have no idea!

Though we have our theories, of course, Bj being a Beggs swears its another boy. Me? I think it may actually be a girl. Call it a hunch but don't put too much stock in me.. I thought Ayden and Ramsey were girls too. 

How far along?
19 weeks 4days

Total weight:
167 (+9 pounds)

Maternity clothes?
Lord yes! Thankfully now I actually look pregnant and not just fluffy.

Much better just BJ gave me back my pillow. 

Best moment this week:
Definetely the ultrasound and finding out that he/she is perfectly healthy. That is the best and most wonderful words to hear about your child, no matter what age. 

Miss Anything:
My motivation, energy (though it has gotten a lot better since the first trimester) 

Yes :) I have been feeling flutters on and off since about 16 weeks. Looking forward to more consistent movement. 

Food cravings:
Not really anything daily. Milk, Orange Juice and Chocolate milk have tasted a whole lot better than normal lately. I have been able to go back to my 2 cups of coffee daily. (Do not start with me about caffeine!)

Anything making you queasy or sick:
Not anymore, thank god. 

Have you started to show yet:

Gender prediction:
Like stated above, BJ assumes boy and I am thinking girl. 

Happy or Moody most of the time:
Mostly good but some recent anxiety. 

Half way done baking!!

Anything Extra?
We have names picked out but aren't sharing. :) Aren't we just a tight lipped couple? 

I am not a fan of my own belly shots and rarely take them. I don't have a good selfie mirror in our house so I take advantage where I can. Thanks to the Salon where the boys had their haircut today for letting me borrow their full length mirror. :) 

Almost 20 weeks pregnant with baby Beggs #3. 

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~Mika Beggs
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