Waking the neighbors

    So last night, we went out to partake in an old southern tradition. Frog gigging! We loaded up the tools of the trade, and carried on to the frog pad.
So upon navigating the many cow patties, and fence rows we finally arrived to our first pond. Everything was going swimmingly (yes I did). There was much bounty for the taking!
The hunting party had stumbled across one of the native inhabitants, and paused to watch him do his thing. (a 4' copperhead). Ironically he was doing the exact same thing we were. Well as all eyes were on the slithery superstar of the cow pond, the moths started buzzing around our lights trained on the snake. Well mixed within the moths dancing through the beams of light, was another critter of the land. One with a little bit more of an attitude than our moth buddies. See when you have a tough job to do throughout the day, you really cherish your sleep. Furthermore when you get awakened from your most cherished sleep, you seem to be a bit…. well pissed off.
  So while we were enjoying this live version of Nat Geo, it seems we awakened an ENTIRE hive of yellow jackets in the process. While I was watching the snake, my fore-arm exploded with fire! The little flying terrorists had launched their first attack. Then they advanced on other members of the party. Stinging with merry delight whomever the could get to. We took flight, very much going away from the area of pain. However as we all know, these guys have wings. They are well equipped to play cops and robbers. Doing our best to leave the pain, we ran into the night. Throwing caution to the wind and tromping through many cow paddies, we finally got away from the flying syringes. After taking toll of the stings we managed to collect and calming the little people of the group, we decided to call it a night. Lets be clear. We did set out to collect a bunch of frogs. The memory of this night will last a lifetime. Specially since the swelling has yet to go down.

Mr. Beggs