A Mothers Intuition

What is it exactly?
We all have it. Most of us use it.
Or have you?

Before our day trip to the mountains yesterday, during the hustle and bustle of getting the car packed, double checking everything and making sure the kids were ready we headed for the door. For some strange reason I felt I needed to bring the Children's Advil. I have no idea why, I have never felt the need to bring it before but I grabbed it anyways and we headed out the door.

Ramsey and I headed up to the mountains with the boys (and their friends) for the day then we headed home while the big boys stayed to camped. 

While at the river, he was fine. He ate his PB&J, some chex mix and drank him water. In hindsight he felt a little warm but I assumed it was from the Georgia heat. On the way home he wouldn't eat any Chick Fil A fries (a sin, I know!) and looked really sleepy, but the turd refused to nap on the way there and back, so again nothing new. When I got him out of the car I noticed he was really warm, despite the air conditioner blaring in the van for the last hour. Once we got in and settled I check his temp, 101! After tylenol, a bath and some water I finally got him to sleep right around 7. Of course I took advantage of my free time by finally finishing my book I started about a month ago (Grey) so before bed I went to check on him and he felt very warm again. I scooped him up, gave him a dose of Motrin, gave him some water and rocked him back to sleep. Once I was satisfied he was good I got up to lay him in his crib and he began to empty his stomach content IN his crib, ALL over my back and the floor. Ah, crap. 

An hour later, after cleaning him, me, the crib and the floor up we are all tucked in the bed trying to pay no mind to the whimper of the puppy who is now locked in Aydens room so he doesn't wake up said sick toddler in my bed. (Anyone want a free puppy today!?!?) After learning how restless Ramsey truly is in bed(and making a mental note to NOT move him to a toddler bed anytime soon because he WILL fall out) he finally sleeps. Its after midnight. He slept until 7 this am. And I dare say, all is good so far this am. He did feel warm so he has had a dose of tylenol but unsure the temp because getting him to stay still for an "armpit" temp is not an easy task.

Not that taking the Advil to the river helped because that container is still closed and in the van. However, that small voice inside my head knew something wasn't quite right with my child yesterday morning and I have to say, she was right.

We all have that "Mother's or Female" intuition, sometimes our minds are so busy we can't hear it. Our intuition is our third eye, our gut feeling that shows us the right way or makes us grab that medicine bag, just in case. Some confuse it with fear, but normally, fear does not accompany intuition. Its a definite, serene feeling of rightness. 

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~Mika Beggs