Why I will rock my Mom Van.

This is why I will rock my Mom Van…

…because my mom van is cool. 

…because my mom van is loaded.

… because it signifies a new chapter in my life

It signifies this beautiful time in my life that revolves around my children. I am no longer hauling people home from a bar. I am no longer buying groceries for two or throwing one suitcase in the back for Bj and I to head out of town. We are now heading to the ball field with boys and gear in tow. We are now heading to the babysitters and school every morning to drop kids off and hope we don't get their bags mixed up or forget a shoe! We are buying isle 1 through 8 at Walmart and carting it home. We are packing for more than two for the beach or a weekend out of town. We can finally all go out to dinner as a WHOLE family (BIG BIG BUBBAS and all) and not have to take 2 vehicles. 

You see… I had a 2006 Scion Xb when Ayden was born. I loved that car, I could zoom around town and it was perfect for this little family. When we had fertility trouble (Read that post here), before we were pregnant with Ramsey, I had bought a brand new Jeep Wrangler 4 door, black, hard top and boy was she a beauty. We had planned many-o camping, hiking, off roading trips… then we got pregnant. My mother and I traded Jeeps.. she got the black beauty (and the hefty payment) and I got her Jeep Liberty that worked for us for a long time. 

The Hubs and I talked about getting a bigger vehicle to support us and all 4 boys (when we are all together) We had test drove a few SUVs with 3rd row options but the trunks were too small and the ones that had big trunks were like driving a tank. (I AM a woman driver and I WOULD hit something in a tank) Ultimately, the payments and gas guzzlers just weren't for us so we started looking into mini vans. At the beginning, I had a love/hate feeling about mini vans, driving one and now owning one. But Ill tell you one thing, I will own this thing until the wheels fall off and then I just may, JUST MAY own another. 
There, I said it.
What! What!

A little about what my Van can do...

Interior Features

Standard seating shown. Other seating may be available as optional equipment.

That second row will collapse down into the cubbies in the floor and make one big space OR you can stash stuff in there as you see in the picture below… Its called the Stow N' Go seating.

You can also flip the back 3 seats over and use the Tailgate seating options…. Perfect for backing up to an event, baseball field, parade and flipping those seats over. It also gives a small toddler play area if you put both second row seats away, flip 3rd row over and shut doors…. Viola! Built in playpen!

..a plus.

Since we sold Bj's Cadillac truck we haven't had a vehicle that has a DVD player, so having one in our new awesome van is a plus. Being able to have plenty of seats for everyone to ride together to dinner is a plus. Having automatic side doors and trunk are a God send while having hands full of toddlers and gear. We have plenty of storage and cubby holes for our beach trips, mountain trips and baseball field'n days so that's always a plus. It also has several plug ins for electronic chargers and a 115 volt port so Ayden could actually play his play station so again, that is a plus plus.

I am so glad that this new chapter in my life has finally began and I am honored to rock my mom van during it. Feel free to give me the mom salute if you see me zipping around town, coffee in hand while New Kids On The Block is screaming from my speakers.


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~Mika Beggs