What happened to my happy baby!?

These are what our days have been looking like over the last few months. Meltdown after meltdown after meltdown. This particular one occurred after I tried to pull him away from the fake deer (used for bow practice) that had its fake butt covered in ants (that he was trying to smash with one finger) WHILE mosquito's were trying to carry him away. 

I know. Im a bad mom.

When Ramsey was born I knew a miracle had occurred. (Fertility story found here) I found patience with him that I had lost a long time ago. I didn't mind the night feedings, the naps he took only while rocking, the constant nursing. Watching Ayden love on him and talk to him made me fall in love with him and his big brother status even more, though I didn't know it was possible. Juggling 2 kids was difficult at times, but totally manageable. We starting discussing having one more. (Well, I began discussing one more) 

I had planned to be a little more laid back, attempt to go with the flow. When Ramsey would cry while we were out and about, we would take turns doing whatever was necessary to calm him down. When he would wake at night, it wouldn't take too much to get him back to sleep. They are only little once, cherish the little things. Everyone would comment on what a happy, sweet baby he was, always smiling. Things were going great, I could handle 3 children. I could. Couldn't I?

What happened to my happy baby? The one that everyone said was "…just so happy!" Where did he go? I want him back!

 Now we are having meltdowns because….

...we can't have Doritos for breakfast.
...because we can't go "side" to play at 730am
…because mom can't understand what "njskajnfurgfn" means.
…because I won't pick him up as soon as he wants me to
…. because we won't go "side" RIGHT NOW
… because I won't let him have a sip of my coffee
… because I won't let him walk around the house and eat a Popsicles by himself
… because he can't have Cheetos for dinner
…because he can't have the remote to throw in the toilet
… because we won't let him walk on the dining room table
… because he can't climb on the book shelf
...because bubba didn't say bye when he left for school
…because I still don't know what "akjsnfalkvnuer" means!

I am sure there are many, many other things y'all could add to this from your own experiences. Every morning BJ and I do the toddler hand off every 10 minutes so we can get ready for work half way stress free. At the baseball games this year my mother and I did the toddler hand off every little bit so one of us could watch a little bit of Aydens games. The toddler hand off? Its exhausting. 

I know these little people are exploring the world and learning tons and tons of new things everyday. I know that they do not know how to deal with their emotions so they express themselves the only way they know how, to cry.

Here are some websites with tips on Tantrums and how to deal.

Parents.com: Toddler Tantrums
"Meltdowns are terrible, nasty things, but they're a fact of childhood," says Ray Levy, PhD, a Dallas-based clinical psychologist and co-author of Try and Make Me! Simple Strategies That Turn Off the Tantrums and Create Cooperation. "Young kids -- namely those between the ages of 1 and 4 -- haven't developed good coping skills yet. They tend to just lose it instead." And what, exactly, sets them off to begin with? Every single tantrum, Levy says, results from one simple thing: not getting what they want. "For children between 1 and 2, tantrums often stem from trying to communicate a need -- more milk, a diaper change, that toy over there -- but not having the language skills to do it," says Levy. "They get frustrated when you don't respond to what they're 'saying' and throw a fit." For older toddlers, tantrums are more of a power struggle. "By the time kids are 3 or 4, they have grown more autonomous," Levy adds. "They're keenly aware of their needs and desires -- and want to assert them more. If you don't comply? Tantrum city."

MayoClinic: Toddler Tantrums
Consider this: Most 2-year-olds have a limited vocabulary. Parents might understand what a toddler says only some of the time. Strangers understand even less. When your child wants to tell you something and you don't understand — or you don't comply with your child's wishes — you might have a tantrum on your hands.
If your child is thirsty, hungry or tired, his or her threshold for frustration is likely to be lower — and a tantrum more likely.
Move over Incredible Hulk. One minute your child is as happy as can be; the next she's a ball of rage — howling, flailing, thrashing, and out of control.

When he was a baby, a happy baby, I would wrap him up in the moby wrap (pictured below) and we would be good to go for a while. If he was fussy, Id nurse him and it make him happy. Now a toddler, he doesn't want to be worn, he wants to explore. When he gets fussy its "the end of the world" and you better find a distraction quick. 

The baby vs. the toddler stage is a huge difference, so much so that I am second guessing adding to the family. Just being real. Its terrifying thinking about having a baby and a run-a-way toddler at the same time. How do women do it!? 
Mamas of multiples.. How do you do it?! 

I love my boys, God, do I love them. I enjoy every aspect of motherhood… {The good, bad and ugly} because the good…? Oh, the good far out weighs the bad and the ugly. Every time.

Parenting is exhausting. 
It is not for the weak. 
Its awesome!

*As always, thank you for reading! 
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~Mika Beggs