A few things you should never say before having kids

You may think you have motherhood all figured out. You may have researched, read books, been on forums.. gathered all kinds of information on parenting. Now, throw it out the window. Whatever you think you know, that little bundle of joy, that little miracle, that rainbow baby of yours will throw you for a loop. 
every. single. time. 
Good luck. 

They WILL eat what I cook.

Oh they will. When they decide they want it. Now, you may get lucky and have one (or 5) of those kids that give little fuss at whatever is put in front of them at the dinner table, clean there plate and say thank you... OR you could have a normal kid like me, that you beg, plead and bargain with to eat his green beans and pork chops. I mean, its not like Im feeding you pig feet. (I have said that once or twice, actually). Now whoever would be at fault for this, us parents or the tastebuds that change every 7 years (per the oldest) just own it. At least they are getting fed right? They won't turn there nose up at anything that isn't mac n cheese and hot dogs forever, right? RIGHT!?

My Kids will NOT act like that in public.

Oh yes they will, and if you ever plan to go out in public again, they will again. and again. Get use to it, you have kids. They will pitch a fit, they will throw things and they will not respond lightly to your silent threatens while gripping their little arm tightly. They will most likely throw the biggest tantrum while you are talking to that one friend from high school that you havnt seen in 10 years, you know, that one that you secretly don't like? Yeah, that one. Fantastic timing darling. 

I won't be like THAT mom.

Yes you will, and you'll be like the mom beside her and the mom beside her. Everything you know about parenting, throw it out the window. Every mother is different and even so, every child is different. You think you'll have meals planned, grocery shopping will be a cinch, all toys picked up all the time and house will be perfect. How hard can it be? NEVER ask yourself that question. ever. The universe is designed to show you how hard it can be if that phrase is ever throw out into it. 

My child will be sleeping through the night (STTN) 

Again, they will… WHEN they are ready! When Ramsey was born, he started STTN at 7 weeks… We had that awesome Fisher price swing that cradled them and would swing sideways… that child STTN from week 7-13. I started back to work and BAM! We have been up ever since. He will be 2 in Oct. Unless you plan to do the Cry It out method (which is harmful in my opinion) plan to go with the flow and maybe even try co sleeping, especially if you plan to breastfeed. Co Sleeping saved me many up and down hours during that first year. Life Saver if you ask me. 

So here it is. The few things that the hubs and I remember saying before we had kids. My how parenthood changes you. Feel free to leave your own words that made you "insert foot into mouth" after that little angel arrived. 
Oh and welcome to Parenthood. 

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~Mika Beggs

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