"It takes a village…."

Everyone has those frequent phrases they say over and over again in their household. Here are a few of mine…..

  • Ayden, put your brother down!
  • Ayden, Get off your brother!
  • OMG your killin me.
  • I love you, your my favorite.
  • Ramsey, stop hitting Darla with that!
  • Ramsey, get out of Darla's water bowl!
  • I love you, your my favorite.
  • Your not eating Oreos for breakfast!
  • Oh my gosh Ayden, that does not even match!
  • Ramsey, are you pooping AGAIN? 
  • OMG your killin me.
  • Ayden, calm down.
  • BEEJ!
  • I love you, your my favorite.
  • No, you can't have mac n cheese for dinner again.
  • Oh my gosh Ramsey, leave Darla alone.
  • Quit pulling at Darla's nipples! 
  • WHAT is that smell?!
  • Stop throwing your food on the ground!
  • Ramsey! Stop feeding your dinner to Darla!
  • Ayden, shhhhh!
  • BEEJ!
  • Wheres Ramsey?
  • Ayden Be QUIET!
  • I can't even right now…
  • I need coffee!
  • Oh that is so going on instagram!

Being an adult is hard. 
Sometimes its no fun. Sometimes its the best ever. 
With great responsibility comes great reward. 
If its not hard, its not worth it. 
You've heard them all. 
No family is perfect, even though many look that way on social media. People struggle with depression, self acceptance and feeling like failures. Every mother struggles with the super mom image... The perfect house, vehicle, home cooked meals, clean house, best dressed children, perfect relationship… but that's just not feasible. There is too much pressure to be perfect. What we do, while working full time especially, is enough. We are enough. YOU are enough. 

I tell my kids daily, how much I love them. I try every day to have more patience, sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don't. I strive every day to be a better wife than the day before. I try to put the phone down more and we always follow our "No phones at the dinner table" policy. I tell each of my boys that they are my favorite, by a whisper, every day. I encourage Ayden to study, read and practice often. I always tell him how handsome, smart and funny he is. I encourage Ramsey to explore and be independent. I tell my husband how much he is needed and how much I appreciate him on a daily basis. I always tell him he is my favorite. We are not perfect, far from it. We don't have the perfectly clean house, the awesomely big expensive vehicles (though I think my Mom Van is pretty spectacular) or all organic food in our kitchen. I don't always cook and sometimes our bills are late. Sometimes I'll send Ayden to school NOT matching and a lunch box full of cheetos because I pick my battles. Sometimes Ramsey goes to the babysitters with yogurt still on his forehead. Sometimes BJ and I go to bed mad or leave without saying "I love you"... and that's okay. We are human and we do the best we can.

I love my family :)

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~Mika Beggs