The Beggs Adventures YouTube channel

So our son is a big "you-tuber". He has kind of inspired me to start a new project, just for fun. See we as a family really enjoy being outside more so, we enjoy hiking, and finding waterfalls in North Georgia. Mika and I would carry the little ones and Ayden would just haul his own butt. I carry Ramsey in a hiking carrier and Mika wears Bear in the Moby wrap. The main ingredient of this is the WHOLE family gets out. We all hike together. Now keep in mind these would be 1-2 mile hikes one way. We did get over our heads one time. We found ourselves in a 3 mile one way with the littles. Y'all know Mika though, so we made it through no problem (plenty of sweat!) That hike is documented below under The Beggs Adventure tabs.

We enjoy being outside and exploring the outdoors. Its priceless for the kids to get in touch with the outdoors. We feel that it is very important for our children to develop a relationship with nature. With that being said, me and Ayden have decided to start a youtube channel. In these videos we like to showcase wearing kids into the outdoors and little tips to help other bring children into nature. To many times as parents we believe that small children are right next to impossible to go hiking with. Our channel also showcases these small hikes in North Georgia. Just perfect for you and the fam to get out of the house and go exploring. We will be doing gear demos with everything from packs, shoes, child carriers,etc.. We have only three videos on our channel to date, but we are going out every weekend to bring new trails and dynamic waterfalls. So head on over and check us out! The Beggs Adventure on Youtube.

Mr. Beggs