The Beggs Adventures: {Dear Diary} edition.

So, obviously I am still very new to the whole "blogger" thing.  I enjoy it very much and I enjoy knowing people like reading what I throw out there. It seems that many blogs have a theme that they stick to and usually have a calendar to help readers know what and when to expect a post. Me? I am happy and consider it a fabulous day if I get out of the house on time in the morning, kids in tow with hair and teeth brushed while not forgetting to drag Darla the Bulldog out of the bed and feed her. (Poor Darla!)

 I have some pretty awesome things in the works, along with the hubs guest posting on here under the tab {Mr.Beggs} talk…, so even though Im not constant, by any OCD means, I do hope you'll stick around and check back often!

When I originally started this blog, I started it so I could gather information on a subject I am passionate about, put it all together with some thoughts and notes on how I feel about it and throw it out there for the world to see. I wanted to help people, mothers more specifically, on subjects that are not talked about often. I planned to use social media to get myself out there so I could reach more people. I very, very much enjoy meeting new people, again more specifically mothers, and see how they do things. Thats one way we learn. Im all about lifting others up, never tearing them down. My motto has always been "If I could just help educate one family…." on the benefits of Extended rear facing (and/or breastfeeding) to help them make the best decision and possible save a life/heart ache (on extended rear facing), that would be worth any eye rolls/haters I would come across. 

… with ALL that being said, I really wanted to post a few personal adventures as well, hince {The Beggs Adventure} tag up at the top of the page! YAY! So here is my jam packed blog post about our recent adventures!

The Science Project

So Ayden had been talking about a few science projects that they had talked about at school and you tube videos he has watched. That reminded me of a pin I had pinned on Pinterest (say that 10 times fast!) a long long time ago, so I looked it up, found all the ingredients (I had most of them in my cabinet!) and we got started…..

This was the photo I had pinned on pinterest. Fortunately we had the Vegetable Oil, water (colored it with food coloring) Milk, Dawn dish detergent, Syrup, Karo syrup and witch hazel!

Ayden was very excited!

This is the Karo Syrup, Regular Syrup and Milk layers in that order. To layer you have to tilt your glass to the side and pour whatever liquid you choose slowly down the side of the glass. 

I guess I did learn a little something from being a bartender! (Maybe.. keep looking)

We did get a little excited (mainly me) and I think it was the witch hazel that didn't separate properly probably because that was not on the menu. Whoops. It still looked pretty! Hope y'all have better luck!

We also tried this one that he said they did at school. We took two glasses and filled them half way with colored water. Then we took a paper towel, folded it long ways and put one side in the colored water and the other side in the empty class in the middle. (Shown in pic) By the next morning, half of the water from each glass had traveled through the paper towel into the middle glass, mixing the colored water and turning it purple.

Unfortunately, we did not get a final picture the next morning before it was accidentally tipped over. Whoops!

The Antique store

My mom, Ramsey and I. We have way to much fun.

Last Friday mom, Ramsey and I went to an Antique store to look around and kill time while I was getting my oil changed in the mom van for our impending beach trip. Key words: Look around. Killing time. Impending beach trip. Yeah. We spent over an hour in there eye balling all the old goodies we found. Who knows who this is…?


While we were walking down the isle, Ramsey spotted this HUGE plastic bowling ball pin that we later discovered is a coin bank. He grabbed this oversized piece of plastic and walked around the store with it. 
We could tell he was getting tired so we borrowed an umbrella stroller for him and that scene looked a little like this….

Yes. Jumbo bowling pin and all.

Now remember we are just "browsing" "Looking around" and "killing time".

 Mom and I come across this gorgeous, retro, white dining room table with 4 canary yellow chairs. It caught both of our eyes. We(MOM) starred at it, sat down on it, waved our hands over it like it was a genie lamp. We(MOM) walked away from and then came back (all while pushing Ramsey in this "borrowed" stroller with this oversized, over priced bowling pin) to do it all again. After much coaxing and begging for her current dining room table, mom finally caved and told the sales lady…"I'll take it!"

(Minus the bright and shiny yellow dishes) It truly looks fabulous in her dining room! Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of it but its set up nicely.

So we get ready to check out and decide to take back the umbrella stroller (It had a stain) but Ramsey wouldn't get out! Every time I would pull him out he would sit back down again, with that stupid bowling pin! 

We FINALLY managed to get out of the store with one dining room table and one oversized, over priced, stupid plastic bowling pin ($19) Thanks (Nanny)

Though here is a pic of MY kitchen with her OLD table! SCORE!

The Pool

While Grocery shopping that same weekend we came across a really good deal on a 16ft Coleman metal frame pool at THEwalmart. Bj and I had always said once we got our privacy fence built we definitely wanted to get an above ground pool. Well, we have had the fence a year and no pool yet. Once Ayden saw us looking at it, the begging began. He had a little $3 Minecraft figure he said he would put back if we got the pool. He even got on his knees, begging… "Please mama, Pleeeaaase!"

Obviously, we got the pool. And Ayden got his toy.

It was very, very easy to put together. BJ, Ayden and I put it together in less than an hour. The kids loved running around in it before we filled it up with water! We think we have made a FABULOUS investment for this summer!

The Beach, The Allstars and The iPhone

So you have heard me mention, more than once, the impending beach trip. Its been 2 years since we have went to the beach, being that our vacation last year was flying to Colorado to watch the oldest Beggs Brother, Austin, graduate high school. It was a memory we will cherish forever and an all time favorite vaca. 
I had booked our condo for the first week after school let out for many reason, but the main one was because it wouldn't be as hot as it would have been in July, which is when we normally would have gone. Last day of school is this friday May 29th, we were heading out on saturday. I had already started a list of things we needed to bring, researched "How to have a successful beach trip with a toddler" (Yes, they actually have articles) I had just gotten the oil change in the mom van (remember the antique shopping excursion) and had mentally started packing. (You moms know what that means!)

This past monday morning I received a text from the hubs that merely said "call me". shiiit... Was my first thought, he got hurt at work or fired. I called him and after a "Hello" his next word was "ayden…." Shiiit. He broke something again…. but then I heard what he said next "…made All Stars!!" 


My baby made the little league All Stars!?


Can you tell we may be a little excited? Let me explain, my little Ayden was 4 when he started T ball. I moved him up the next year and he played rookie ball for 3 years. The first 2 years were a little hard on him. Last year, his 4th year playing, he started to shine and you could tell everything was clicking. This year, even better. So him being picked for all stars is a HUGE deal for him, for us. We are so very proud of him, he is over the moon and deserves this!

So, the next statement was "….. they will practice every day from now until the tournament starts on Monday June 1st." June 1st. Thats 2 days after May 30th, the day we leave for the beach. Shiiiit. Can you guess what we did next? 

The beach trip has been cancelled and is in the process of being rescheduled because BABY HAS TO PLAY BALL! 

In the middle of this change, Wreck It Ramsey chunks my phone and busts the screen. Now mama, the facilitator of the Beggs family, is without a phone… without her only clock, her calendar, her camera/video, her social media, email, text, weather app. HOW did we ever live without these small pieces of technology?!

Thank god for my mac and Bj's/Aydens iPad. 

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~Mika Beggs

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