#TheBeggsAdventures - Panther Creek Falls, GA

For anyone who knows us or follows us on Instagram knows we love to "explore". Which for us, mainly means we find somewhere that sounds interesting on the internet, magazine or hear-say and take off in the (then) Jeep, which is (now) the mom van.

These pictures below are from last spring, heading to Panther Creek Falls. Its in Rabun County Georgia in the North Georgia Mountains. We had decided to do this little hike absolutely having NO idea what we were getting ourselves into. We walked and walked and talked and talked (played every game imaginable, especially the "would you rather…") just to get our minds off of "where the hell are we" and "this better be worth it"……..

Mama gotta eat.

..and again.

I absolutely love this photo of Ayden.

and BJ testing out his waterproof boots.

Ta-Freakin-Dah. Panther Creek Falls.

Ramsey and Daddy 
Ayden and Bj climbed the rock (No we don't know who the random bikini wearing chick is)
Looking like the hot mess that I am but jeez it was hot and a long hike to get here but there we are. It was beautiful really and totally worth it. I had to push out of my mind that we still had to hike ALL the way back to get back to the car. We still had no idea how far we had actually hiked just knew it had taken a couple of hours to get here…
Bless, he looks squished! Back to walking and hiking..

Walking and hiking and walking and hiking..

Sorry for the cleavage shot..

Dad totally had to carry Ramsey back, this mom was pooped.

When we finally got back to the car we found the sign, Panther Creek Falls 3.5mile trip. SEVEN miles round trip! We had just hiked 7 miles with a 7 year old and a 6 month old on a moderate/difficult trail. Thankfully, we were prepared with snack and water just not mentally prepared. But, we made it and I feel insane to say that I told BJ today I wanted to do it again this spring. Im crazy.

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