Meeting The Beggs Bunch

Meet The Beggs :) 

HI! Im Mika, meet my husband BJ(He's the one with the awesome beard). He has 2, very handsome sons Austin and Quillian and together we have sons Ayden, Ramsey and baby Bear. Yes, 5 boys! BJ and I started dating in January 2004 and married in Sept 2007. We have been through many ups and downs, as any couple have and will. BJ is my rock, my soul mate and my better half. Whenever I have anxiety about anything, he can calm me down and set me back on the ground. We have way too much fun together and run this family with the best that we have. We are blessed and we know it. <3 font="">



~~The Boys~~

BJ (The dad) The patriarch of the family with the oh-so-dominate genes. This handsome tattooed fella is an amazing father and husband. He works very hard for his family. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge and has found his passion in life, other than his family, of course. He is a Masonic historian that owns books upon books of information that he writes and speaks his lectures on. He is a very passionate man with great reason. He loves his boys with all his heart and works hard to set a great example for them.

Austin Lee (Big BIG bubba) This handsome fella is a Legend High School graduate. We flew to Parker Colorado to watch him graduate, it was an experience like no other. He loves UGA football, rodeos, Jeeps and duck hunting. He is fixing to graduate EMT school and is a firefighter. 

Quillian Shea (Big Bubba) This beautiful fella with his award winning smile lives in Savannah Ga, right near the beach. He loves to skateboard and is pretty dang good at it. He loves playing football, baseball, wrestling and lacrosse. He plans to go into the Coast Guard soon!

Ayden Michael (The Bubs) is currently 10 years old, birthday July 13th 2006. He acts like me so much its scary. He has a heart of gold. He is my little rock star when it comes to baseball. He is currently very active in Little League baseball and Travel baseball #RollTribe! He has learned and grown so much since he started Tball at the age of 4. He is very athletic. He absolutely loves being active and playing outside. He does very well in school, favorite subjects being Math and Science.

Ramsey Delano (baby Thor) We tried for him for over 3 years and only after heart ache and giving up, came along baby Ramsey. (You can read my fertility story here ) He just turned 3, his birthday is Oct 22 2013. He loves to be outside. It doesn't matter what we are doing, if we are outside he is happy. He absolutely loves throwing the baseball and can actually hit off a baseball T already. He is a born athlete. He loves to play whether its with daddy, bugs or Darla!

Bear Avery (Baby Bear) He is the last of the Beggs Bunch. We had decided to stop trying and complete our family of 4 boys but then came along Bear. He is the perfect addition to this crazy family, though our most attached one yet. He is what is known as a "Velcro baby". He loves to be held, loved and worn. #WearALLthebabies. You can read his birth story and how we came up with the name "Bear" here

Hours New :) 2/18/16

I can not forget Darla the Bulldog (And her tongue, Judy) We adopted/rescued Darla from a Doggie Daycare business outside of Atlanta in Oct 2012, someone dropped this sweet sweet girl off at night. She has been a wonderful addition to our spastic family. She loves everyone, snores really loud, poots better than a grown man and is fabulous with the boys. 

Where we live..

We live in a small town in north east Georgia that I like to call #mayberrystatus. (Yes, the hashtag has to be in place) We enjoy "exploring" as a family that mostly means packing up and heading up north to the mountains to camp, hike, swim and just plan explore. Luckily we live near a lake too so we frequent that side of town during summer time. 

Jan 2017

About me: 

This is me. Mika Beggs. The writer (I use that term loosely) behind The Beggs Bunch and always behind the camera. I am not a fan of "selfies" though when I feel like taking one I always designate a photo bomber.. usually one of the boys or poor Darla the Bulldog. 

I am a coffee lover and a sucker for a good romance novel
 Check out my profile on GoodReads (Link on the side of the page) and check out my blog post about books Ive read! (Click here ) I enjoy the hell out of being a #BoyMom. I am an advocate for breastfeeding, gentle parenting (though I fail sometimes) and extended rear facing. My life revolves around my family and I don't mind one bit. 

I have recently become certified as a lactation counselor and will be striving for my IBCLC next. I am so lucky and thankful that this path that I have dreamed about for over 3 years is now my reality. I absolutely adore my job as a WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor and enjoy immensely any help and advice my clients will allow me to give them. I sold LuLaRoe for a while but we decided to close up shop after 10 months to pursue a different journey. To be continued......

In nature, we breastfed. (Bear. April2016)

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~Mika Beggs

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