Meeting The Beggs Bunch

*Quillian, Bj holding Ramsey, Mika holding Bear, Austin and Ayden*

Who are we?

The basics (bish).....
 We are a fun, loving blended family of 7, give or take, day to day ;) living all over the country.

About me.. 

This is me. Mika Beggs. The writer (I use that term very loosely) behind The Beggs Bunch blog, Facebook page and Instagram and always behind the camera. I am not a fan of "selfies" though when I feel like taking one I always designate a photo bomber.. usually one of the boys or poor Darla the Bulldog. 

I feel I should mention in my former life, I enjoyed quiet time, sleep and a good book. Key word, former.

Now, I believe that coffee provides life, emoji's and memes make things sweeter, my mom van rocks and my hashtag game is strong y'all. I am an advocate of all things gentle (parenting) and breastfeeding. I am a certified medical assistant and lactation counselor. Motherhood defines who I am and I am more than okay with that. I am an extremely emotional person and wear my heart on my sleeve. I am fiercely unapologetic in how I do things and who I am as a person. I am an over thinker and a planner, which makes me exhausted but organized. We thrive in chaos and love hard. I'm embarrassingly obsessed with social media, especially Instagram and meeting new moms and families. Seeing how other people view life is extremely interesting to me and to be able to actually converse with said people? Pure awesomeness.

What we do...

Between hiking/camping/exploring, little league and travel baseball-ing, foster care, college football watching (Go Clemson & Bama!) middle school to-dos, preschool drop offs, minivan racing, breastfeeding educating, air conditioner fixing, instagramming.... we don't have time for much else. We work best as a family and keeping all lines of communication open between us. We are not perfect, far from it but we surely do our best to be good people, spread kindness and relatable info.

This pic shows me well!

This blog is for things we hold near and dear to our hearts... Our adventures outdoors, our new journey in foster care as a foster family and my love and passion for motherhood. We feel our adventures outdoors, in nature, allows us to regroup as individuals and as a family. It provides exercise, limited cell service and mental clarity. Many life talks are had on these trails between us and it goes to show that you do not have to sit around a dinner table everyday to know your family, grow as a family and be a family. Foster care is our newest adventure. We started that journey with all the paperwork and classes on March 20th 2017 and was notified that we were approved for licensed on August 23rd 2017. Our home is officially open! Motherhood.... Ah. Motherhood. Its hard. Its frustrating. It makes you cry and feel absolutely batsh*t crazy... but we love it. I post more about motherhood in general than anything else because that's were my alliance lies... to my mama friends. When you can bond over your child's first cuss words (totally by accident!) feeding them ice cream for dinner just to survive and mommy meltdowns, you have found a friend for life.

 If that's not your jam, this isn't the place for you. If it is, pull up a chair darlin' and grab you some pop corn because its about to get crazyyyyyyy.... #HotmessExpress #TOOTTOOT

{Updated August 24th 2017}